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We support your customers' (and/or your) travel to the unique Tohoku-District of Japan from A to Z
Let's visit to
the most attractive and most beautiful area of Japan - Tohoku (=North-East) Region
Inbound land operator speciarized in Tohoku(=North-East Region of Japan) -Tours Operated by IMA GROUP CO., LTD.
 Places to go in Tohoku
@ Historical heritage
@ Nature scenery
@ Relaxation
   Onsen (Hot springs)
@ Food/Beverage
   Sake, Wine...
@ Traditional cultures
   Works of art
@ Sports
   Mountain sports
   Water sports
   Traditional national sports
+ Sightseeing
+ Special Interest Tour
+ Business Trip
+ Medical Tour 
+ others 
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Tsurugajo Castle - a great castle in Samurai City
Sanriku Kaigan/Sanriku Coast - Coastal region on the Pacific Ocean with beautiful coastline
Goshiki-numa - A cluster of five volcano lakes
Shirakami-Sanchi - Primeval Beech Forest
Oirase Stream - Picturesque mountain stream
Oze-An area consisting of Ozegahara Marshland and Ozenuma Pond
Lake Inawashiro - also known as the "Heavenly Mirror Lake"
Hanabi/Fireworks festival in Japan
Fishing in Japan
skiing in Japan
Onsen(Japanese hot spring)
Sushi - One of the most famouse Japanese foods
Soba-Traditional thin noodle in Japan made from buckwheat flour
Ryokan-Traditional Japanese style inns with Tatami floors and Futon beds
SAKE - An alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin made from fermented rice
SL-Steam train in Japan
Famouse temple by its "Konjiki-do/golden hall
Scenic temple on a steep mountain
Lone pine tree symbol of hope in Japan tsunami city.
TRAVELMART is a section of IMA GROUP CO., LTD. known for the IMA HOTELS (Hotel Wholesaler and Travel Agency in Japan since 1985) for the arrangements speciality as a land operator to foreign visitors who would like to travel to the most attractive and most beautiful area of Japan, Tohoku(=North-East) Region.
The Tohoku region is an area that consists of seven prefectures (Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and Niigata Prefecture). It is located in the northeastern part to the northernmost tip of Japan's largest island, Honshu Island and is surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean. It is also well known for its countryside, mountains, lakes, hot springs, high quality rice and rough winters. It occupies about 30 percent of the area of Honshu Island.
The Tohoku region was hit by the incredible big earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 and the ensuing nuclear accident. However, all areas of the Tohoku Region are now safe and almost of all attractions reopened already.
The Tohoku Region revived from dameges of big earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident and is welcoming many tourists again.
In the Tohoku region, there are airports and JR Shinkansen stations in each prefecture. When entering Japan from major airports, such as Narita International Airport, you can use Tohoku Shinkansen and Joetsu Shinkansen lines from JR Tokyo Station, or a domestic airline route from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and easily get to Tohoku region. Moreover, there are many overseas regular airline services to the airports in Tohoku mainly to Sendai Airport.
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TRAVELMART is an one-stop solution land-operating provider offering a wide variety services to your customers' (and/or your) travel to the unique North-East-District of Japan and is expert at meeting nearly any request. Much like the concierge at the world's famouse best hotels.
Our services are now available to discerning travel agencies and travellers. With our service, you and/or your customer(s) no longer have to spend hours through guidebooks and websites to find ideas. Just send us inquiries what you and/or your customer(s) want or where you and/or your customer(s) want to go and we will come up with a full range of the best options. We create your and/or your customer's customized travel plan based upon schedule, interests and tastes. By simply sending inquiiy by E-mail us the flight schedule and top destinations we will coordinate the most attractive and efficient plan for you and/or your customer(s).
 Services ?
 - Accommodation
From the most luxurious resorts to local and reasonable guesthouses, from trend-setting hotels to county inns, we will arrange to your and/or your customer's taste ; Traditional Japanese style inns with Tatammi floors and Futon beds called Ryokan, city hotels, resort hotels...
 - Chartered Coach
Buses, taxis, limousines, etc, we will find you and/or your customer(s) the most comfortableand efficient way to travel and arrage it based upon itinerary and budget.
 - Guide/Interpretter
From the beginning at arrival to the final check- in at departure.
 - Restaurants
From the tradittional to the hottest dining spots in town, we will give a wide range of suggestions to suite the occasion and will make the necessary bookings based on preferences.
 - Entertainment and Leisure
We can arrange tickets for traditional performing art shows, galleries, museums, spa and so on. We can also help you and/or your customer(s) with shopping, whether you and/or your customer(s) need to find a unique item or simply suggestions for where to go browsing.
 - others
+ Custom-made journeys
+ Specialized for FIT travellers & Small groups
+ As your private Concierge
+ Perfect support from A to Z
+ Others
TRAVELMART® (IMA Group Co., Ltd.)  
IMA House, 271-3 Yugawa-Higashi, Kurokawa, Kozashi-machi, 965-0064 Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan
T: +81 242 24 6030 F: +81 242 24 6031
E: inquiry@travelmart.jp
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